Student Oral Presentation Awards

Each year the Entomological Society of British Columbia presents up to three awards for the best student oral presentations. For consideration, students (B.Sc., M.Sc., or Ph.D.) must be registered at a post-secondary institution and give a presentation at the  Annual General Meeting (AGM). Prizes are awarded at the AGM.

Dan Johnson Award in Insect Ecology

This is a $200 annual award for the best manuscript submitted in any peer-reviewed journal by a student in the field of insect ecology. The award is open to all students (membership in the ESBC is not necessary). Submitted manuscripts must have been published or accepted for publication since the previous year’s submission deadline (usually September 1st of the previous year). Please submit a covering letter and the manuscript to:

***Submission deadline for 2020 has been extended to September 21st, 2020.

Graduate Student Scholarship Competition

Award information:

The Entomological Society of British Columbia awards annually a scholarship of $400 to up to two postgraduate students to encourage students engaged in entomological research in BC. Funds are to be used at the student’s discretion.


  • Applicant must be a full-time postgraduate student at a registered institution in British Columbia at the time of application.
  • Applicant must be partaking in entomological research as part of their degree program.

How to apply:

For consideration, applicants must submit a single PDF file containing:

  • An outline of current research (no more than 300 words). Applicants may also choose to include other contributions to the field of entomology outside of their research.
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A post-secondary transcript (unofficial transcripts are accepted!)

In addition, applicant must arrange for two letters of reference to be submitted on behalf of the applicant.


Applications and letters of reference should be submitted to the ESBC Secretary at by September 1st of each year. Competition results will be announced at the annual general meeting which is typically held in October each year.

***Submission deadline for 2020 has been extended to September 21st, 2020.

Judging Criteria:

Applications will be judged on the basis of contributions to the field of entomology, scientific importance of their research, and the qualifications of the applicant.

Previous Award Recipients

Year Student Oral Presentation Awards Graduate Student Scholarship Competition Dan Johnson Award Competition
2020 Elana Varner, Nathan Earley, Jade Sherwood Kendal Singleton, Nathan Earley Adam Blake, Andrea Haberkern
2019 Jessica Fraser, Yonathan Uriel, Andreas Fischer Andreas Fischer
2018 Joint meeting with ESA/ESC - no ESBC awards
2017 Lea Sanchez Milde, Tamara Babcock, and Heather Coatsworth Debra Wertman
2016 Danielle Hoefele and Debra Wertman Leon Li and Nicolás Salcedo
2015 Dan Peach and Heather Coatsworth Paul MacDonald
2014 Chloe Gerak, Jennifer Scholefield, and Mark Hanson Jennifer Scholefield
2013 Selina Dhanani, Grant Olson, and Phineus 'Finn' Hamilton Catherine Scott
2012 T. Scott Johnson and Amber Gigi Hoi Alex Chubaty and Ikkei Shikano
2011 Tanya Stemberger, Erfan Vafaie, and Ikkei Shikano
2010 Joint meeting with ESC - no ESBC awards
2009 Alex Chubaty, Chandra Moffat, and Salina McGinnis Chris Borkent and Jeremy deWaard
2008 David Jack, Babita Bains Babita Bains and David Jack
2007 Hannah Bottomley and Zoe Lindo Maxence Salomon and Zoe Lindo
2006 Tim Hazard and Gwylim Blackburn Gwylim Blackburn and Claudia Copley
2005 Samantha Vibert and Wim van Herk
2004 Sue Senger and Melanie Hart Shauna Hawkins and Kathy Bleiker
2003 Jennifer Perry, Amanda Roe, and Tanya Latty Colleen Alma and Jeanne Robert
2002 Maxence Soloman, Jennifer Perry Deepa Pureswana, Allison Henderson
2001 Jennifer Perry Gabriella Zilahi-Balogh
2000 Leonardo Frid and Ed Mondor Kathy Bleiker and Ed Mondor
1999 Deepa Pureswaran and Jeremy Allison Deepa Pureswaran and Troy Danyk
1998 Tracy Huepplesheuser, Ed Mondor, and Dean Morewood Naomi DeLury and Laura Gagan
1995 G. Doug Inglis, Sherah VanLaerhoven and Mac McNair
1994 Ward Strong, Kornelia Lewis
1993 Elizabeth Tomlin
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