The Entomological Society of British Columbia has published its Proceedings and Journal continuously since March 1906. In addition to personal subscriptions, the Journal is exchanged around the world with other professional and amateur entomology groups. These exchange materials were housed at the Vancouver Research Station of Agriculture Canada until the 1990s when they were moved to the Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria. Although shelved and boxed, the entire collection has never been catalogued until recently. Like uncurated insect specimens, uncatalogued library holdings are not really available for study by the entomological community. Those of us who attended the 2007 AGM in Victoria were given a first look at the collection now neatly arranged in alphabetical order on 400 ft (122m) of shelving and catalogued. This advance was accomplished by librarians Margie Clarke and Sylvie Dufresne with the assistance of Pacific Forestry Centre Librarian, Alice Solyma. The project was paid for by joint funding by the Canadian Forest Service and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency via their Forest Invasive Alien Species program. The project was administered by ESBC member Vince Nealis. Much of the ground work was laid out by previous ESBC library committee members including Robb Bennett and Rob Cannings. Much of the sorting and necessary groundwork was completed before this project started by Greg Smith and his parents

List of Serials

As part of this project, Margie Clarke produced both a Procedures Manual and suggestions on a library policy for the ESBC to be implemented by our library committee. Sylvie Dufresne has produced a database listing of our serials. A PDF file is available here.

Access by

Our serials are now listed online in the Natural Resources Canada Library database Metafore2. The search module for Metafore2 is illustrated below. You will see that the last item listed in Step 3 is our catalogue.

To see the details for any holding in the ESBC catalogue:

  • type the name of the serial item in the Step 1 Search Term;
  • leave all the defaults in Step 2;
  • select the ESBC Catalogue in Step 3;
  • press SEARCH and all will be revealed.

MetaforeII window

You will note that the first catalogue that you can choose in Step 3 is “All Catalogues”. This means that users have access to all Natural Resources Canada Forestry Centres’ materials through Metafore2.  This could be very useful to many students and faculty, especially in the forest entomology area. If you do choose “All Catalogues” you will need to limit some of the parameters in Step 2.

Librarians can see further information about these holdings via AMICUS.

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