The Entomological Society of British Columbia, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Pollinator Partnership Canada, and the British Columbia Ministry of Environment jointly invite you to a symposium on the science and stewardship of pollinators.

Through the process of pollination, bees, flies, beetles, moths, and butterflies enable the reproduction of plant species and the production of many of our food crops. These valuable wild and managed pollinators have been declining due to habitat loss, pathogens, pesticide use, and climate change. This symposium will feature experts from across Canada sharing their insights into the biology of pollination and the conservation of pollinator species. Anyone interested in pollinators is welcome to attend.

This year's focus will be on workshops for lands managers and stewards on pollinators and land management practises to enhance habitat in the Okanagan

More information and registration.

Symposium program

Upcoming symposium at the Okanagan College – Penticton campus on the science and stewardship of pollinators
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