Three travel awards, one for each of SK, AB, & BC in 2017; with a maximum value of $750.00 based on a travel budget submitted by the graduate student applicant.


A graduate student applying for a Travel Award must submit a copy of her/his CV, a half page of the research project, a brief budget for travel, and a short recommendation letter from her/his supervisor. Deadline for accepting submissions is September 30th, 2017. Graduate students submit their application documents to Khalid Rashid by email at Tel 204-822-7520. Awards will be processed rapidly after this date to allow students time to arrange travel.


The 2017 Western Forum on Pest Management  is in Winnipeg, Manitoba on October 25th, 26th and 27th (arrival & reception on 25st) in the downtown Winnipeg at the Fairmont Hotel.  Similar to years past the Western Committee on Crop Pests and Western Committee on Plant Disease will host concurrent meetings Thursday October 26th,  followed by the WFPM meeting Friday ending at noon.  Please consult the WFPM website for further details.

Last minute student award opportunity!
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