The Potato Research Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is now recruiting for an Entomology Research Scientist permanent position. It is advertised on the website ( It has a closing date of December 15, 2015.

This opportunity is open to persons residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad.


The entomology candidate for the position will require the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop a research program on the ecological interactions between insect potato pests, communities of beneficial insects above and below ground, and the potato crop. The research studies will focus on the characterization of these communities in relation to crop protection. The scientist will identify strategies that can work synergistically at minimizing direct plant damage by herbivores, reducing plant virus transmission by insect vectors as well as enhancing soil communities responsible for plant health. The scientist will work with colleagues in conventional and organic potato production to capture efficiencies and quantify the benefits of these strategies in crop productivity. The position would be particularly suited for someone with a strong background in insect ecology and Integrated Pest Management, knowledge of insect vectors as well as knowledge of biostatistics.

Job Opportunity: Research Entomologist Position
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