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Student Insect Photography Workshop with Michael Hrabar

Come explore insect photography in this hands-on workshop! This workshop will equip participants with a basic understanding of photography, with a particular emphasis on macro and insect photography.


The workshop will cover:

  • Photograph composition
  • Lighting
  • Insect handling techniques
  • Photography gear

Who? This student workshop is aimed at inexperienced photographers but those with more experience are welcome to join in on the hands-on portion of the workshop to share their expertise. Participants are requested to provide their own camera.

When? Friday, October 16, 4:30-6:30pm

Where? Henry Grube Education Centre, Kamloops, BC

Cost? ESBC members: $10

About Michael

Michael is a PhD student in the Gries lab at Simon Fraser University. Michael recently completed his masters with Dr. Gerhard Gries, looking at the life history and chemical ecology of the Strepsipteran (or twisted-wing parasite) Xenos peckii. Photography and videography are often used in Mike’s work. As part of his Master’s project, Michael used videography techniques to document for the first time how male X. peckii emerge from the puparium using their mandibles. Check out some of Mike’s photography work at


Contact your Student Representative, Joyce Leung, at for more information.

2015 Student Insect Photography Workshop
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