Thank you to all those who attended this year's AGM and especially to those who presented talks -- the meeting and symposium were both a great success!

Election Results

We'd like to thank Tom Lowery, Naomi DeLury, and Jim Corrigan for serving the executive, and we are pleased to announce the results of this year's election:

  • Mike Smirle is our new President-Elect, replacing Ward Strong who is now serving as President.
  • The position of Past President, formerly held by Tom Lowery, is now held by Rob McGregor.
  • Susannna Acheampong and Maxence Salomon join the executive as Directors of the society, as Naomi Delury and Jim Corrigan concluded their second of two years' service in these positions.

We thank all outgoing members of the executive for their service and continued committment to the ESBC!

Scholarships and Awards

This year's recipient of the Graduate Student Scholarship Competition was awarded to Chandra Moffat for upcoming attendance at the national meeting in Halifax in November.

The Student Oral Presentation Awards were presented to Tanya Stemberger, Erfan Vafaie, and Ikkei Shikano. Congratulations to our student winners!

Student Engagement Committee

We are currently looking for representatives from each BC university to join the Student Engagement Committee of the ESBC. This group will work towards compiling and posting student-relevant information and make it available to the student membership through the revamped site and new Facebook and Twitter portals. If you are interested in being the representative for your university, please send a short biography and description of your entomology related interests (max 150 words) to Chandra Moffat (

Recap: 2011 AGM
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